Love Astrology Predictions: Do Kim Kardashian & Kanye Have A Future?

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Many were shocked when Kim Kardashian hooked up with Kanye West almost immediately after her breakup with Humphries, but as the two are still spotted together regularly – many are now wondering is this relationship legit, or is it just another segment of Kim’s reality show?

According to, Kim and Kanye’s Astrology charts show their relationship to be much more than another publicity stunt, and in fact they are quite compatible; they continue with a Love Astrology Reading for Kim and Kanye.

Predictions for the Relationship
A busy, active and independent year is in store for both Kim and Kanye, starting in mid-June. They will be decidedly less dreamy and may have troubling getting their active schedules to mesh. Can you say quickie? They may need to be a lot more creative to get that quality time.

Also, from May 15-June 27, love planet Venus goes retrograde (backward) in Gemini, Kanye’s sign. He may have a temporary freakout or need some time apart to think. Call off Kris Jenner and her script doctors! This would NOT be the time to stick a camera in Kanye’s face, even though he so seems to enjoy them.

If Kim and Kanye can make it to June 2013, when Jupiter moves into stable, earth-ruled parts of their chart, we’ll give our final cosmic approval. Until then, keep the Swarovski crystals at bay!

What do you think of this Love Astrology Prediction, can Kanye overcome his Aries traits of ego and putting his needs first to actually have a long-term relationship with Kim? Be sure to leave a comment.

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