Celebrity Psychic Prediction: No Marriage for Kim & Kanye

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Celebrity Kim Kardashian has had many ups and downs in her love life over the last year with what seemed to be a fairy tale wedding going up in smoke, and now a relationship with hip hop star Kanye West, but will Kim and Kanye stay together?

As recently reported by celebs.gather.com, Celebrity psychic medium Thomas John gave his Psychic Prediction on whether Kim and Kanye have marriage in their future.

Celebrity psychic medium Thomas John recently gave his analysis, too, and unfortunately it doesn’t spell L-O-V-E forever.

“Kim and Kanye definitely have strong feelings for each other,” John revealed to Hollywood Life. “But their relationship will last only six months. She’s going to meet someone else in the next year who isn’t famous and she’ll fall in love and marry him.”

Hmm… interesting. It seems almost impossible that Kim Kardashian would wind up with a “normal” man, as she’s frequently gravitated to sports pros and entertainers. Plus, where would she meet said guy and how would he fit in with her in-the-spotlight lifestyle? It didn’t work out so well with the less-famous-than-her Kris Humphries!

Still, the psychic continued with more shocking affirmations, saying, “Kim will get married once more and have two kids. He’ll be the one and she’ll settled down and have the family she’s always wanted.”

Well, according to Thomas John, Kim has a lot to look forward to on the love and family front. Although, again, it is hard to imagine her leaving the Kardashian empire behind and “settling down” completely. Even her pregnant sister, Kourtney Kardashian, hasn’t done so. She is maintaining her role on Keeping up with the Kardashians and is still a part of the DASH stores and their Kardashian Collection label.

Psychic readings can be pretty silly and completely fraught with error. And, six months from now, regardless of the status of Kimye, no one will probably remember what Mr. John had to say.

What do you think, will Kim and Kanye get married – or is the Psychic Prediction going to be correct? Be sure to leave a comment.

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